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What Are Organizational Documents for Corporation?
    Officers include a treasurer, secretary, vice president, and president of a corporation. They're responsible for day-to-day business activities. Some states don't require officer information, but others do. The same goes for providing the corporation's legal address. Not all states require you to list this information in your Articles, but some do.

S Corporation Employees, Shareholders and Corporate Officers
    When corporate officers perform a service for the corporation and receive or are entitled to payments, those payments are considered wages. The fact that an officer is also a shareholder does not change this requirement. Such payments to the corporate officer are treated as wages. Courts have consistently held S corporation officers ...

How to Find Out the Officers of a Corporation Bizfluent
    Sep 26, 2017 · Enter the corporation's name at the SEC's EDGAR search site and examine the company's most recent annual (10-K) or quarterly (10-Q) report, which will identify the corporate officers. Note that many companies not listed on the stock exchange also file information with the SEC and you may find corporate officer information on these companies as well.

Appointing Officers in a Corporation - Corporation ...
    Dec 17, 2014 · Appointing Officers in a Corporation . Officers are appointed by the board of directors to run the day-to-day operations of the corporation. Commonly, and by law in many states, a corporation will have at least three officers: (1) a president, (2) a treasurer or chief financial officer, and (3) a secretary.

Corporate Paperwork Legal Form Articles -
    Much of the confusion over corporate paperwork comes from two areas: First, there is a general lack of understanding among many in business regarding the framework of law; and second, many corporate documents are written in antiquated legal jargon that is difficult for even most lawyers to understand and nearly impossible for a lay person to ...

Corporate Documents Checklist - LawDepot
    Officer/Director Consents Proxies or Shareholder’s Representative documents Share certificates, debt obligations, membership records Corporate guarantees Notice of changes to address, name, or directors Business number and registration Other important documents and paperwork to have for your corporation: Employee documents Commercial Lease or Purchase Agreement

Forms for Corporations Internal Revenue Service
    42 rows · 966, Corporate Dissolution or Liquidation PDF (PDF) Report the adoption of a resolution or …

Corporations - WA Secretary of State
    The offices of the Corporations and Charities Division will be closed from Monday, May 3, through Friday, May 14. Customers are encouraged to submit filings via mail or online. For questions or assistance, please contact (360) 725-0377 or [email protected]. NOTICE: CCFS will be offline 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. every third Tuesday for regular maintenance.

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