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MI5 In World War II MI5 - The Security Service
    Failing to find office space in London for its rapidly expanding staff after the outbreak of War, MI5 moved its headquarters to Wormwood Scrubs, a Victorian prison in West London. After the prison...

Can I visit MI5's headquarters? MI5 - The Security Service
    MI5’s headquarters are at Thames House, London. ... While the head of MI6 (SIS) is still referred to as "C" today, the Director General of MI5 has not been known as "K" since the 1940s. See The establishment of the Secret Service Bureau for the full story of how MI5 was founded.

The Secret War Between the Wars: MI5 in the 1920s and ...
    Krivitsky’s debriefing in London, conducted over the course of four weeks in January and February 1940, occupies a singular place in the annals of MI5. The debriefing was the first of its kind, the earliest attempt at what would later become a standard practice in handling defecting or active enemy agents. It...

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