Victoria Cup

The One-Arm Wrap – Vic Cup Overview

With six rounds of the Vic Cup complete, the Victorian Quidditch community has a very good idea of the teams leading the charge in 2018. QA Today made a call-out for Victorians to give us their thoughts on how the Vic Cup was tracking, and here are some of the responses.

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Benjamin Watson – Captain/Asst Coach, La Trobe Trolls

As we stand, the Whomping Willows are currently looking the strongest of all of the Victorian teams. I think currently the Willows have quite a strong chaser line up and also then have a very strong beater lineup -they have such depth that they can also afford to have the likes of Bodie Nash or James Osmond seeking. read more

Around the Grounds: The Melbourne Ravens

One of the newest teams in Australian Quidditch, the Melbourne Ravens have made a splash with a slick social media presence and a star-studded line-up from day one - but where did they come from, and what happened to the Wrackspurts? Cameron Caccamo asks their coaches, Deni Tasman and James Williams, to find out